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Hair Styles Then And Now

Hair styles have evolved through time. And although a heap of changes have been made, the hair styles used before have come back and are widely used today. Let us take a look at some of the most popular hair styles then and now.

  • Odango

Odango is a hairstyle adopted from the Asian culture. The hair is tied into two separate buns on either side of the head. These buns have ponytails extending from them.

  • Perm

Older female citisens prefer perm for a haircut. The word "perm" is actually a shortcut for "permanent". The style is achieved by using several chemicals to treat and curl the hair.

  • Quiff

Quiff is very popular amongst men. It requires constant maintenance to look their best. The hair is actually raised from the topmost part of the head through the use of gel or wax.

  • Ringlets

Ringlets have undergone several changes over the years. This style appears and appeals naturally on curly-haired people. Those with long hair can use a curling iron to do this style on their hair.

  • Sidefringe

A sidefringe is a haircut intended for females. The hair covers the eyes and is worn with a long fringe brushed to one side. Only one eye is covered in this style.

  • Updo

This style is normally seen in red carpet events. The hair is tied back in a ponytail and is secured at the top part of the head with the use of pins and clips.

  • Afro

The Afro is a popular hairstyle amongst many entertainers. A curly hair is straightened out with the use of an afro pick.

  • Bangs

Bangs is another term used to describe a fringe that falls over the forehead. Today, bangs are very popular amongst people.

  • Crew Cut

A crew cut is achieved through the use of an electric rasor. This hair style is extremely short and requires no maintenance at all.

  • Fades

Fades is exactly what the name suggests. It is a combination of crew cuts that have various lengths to achieve the kind of "fade" the customer prefers.

  • Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are popular amongst rockers and entertainers. The hair is left to grow naturally without any sort of intervention. Styling and grooming products are not allowed to be used in this kind of hairstyle. Today, synthetic dreadlocks are sold in the market and are available for people's use.

  • Mullet

Mullet was popularised in the 80s. It is achieved by having a short hair on top and a long hair at the back. Today, the style is enjoying a revival in both men and women.

  • Hime Cut

Hime Cut like Odango originated from Asia. It focuses on a fringe style haircut with parallel bangs on the side. This cut is usually used by princesses and is fitting to their status since much maintenance is needed to keep this style.

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